Cordless Hand-stick Vacuum Cleaner

Compact and ergonomic design

4kg handhled weight
2kg net weight

30min running time

Replaceable and easy-to-remove batteries,

one-handed removal without tools


It is more convenient to charge separately


Powerful Suction
up to 18000Pa

Powerful motor drive provides great suction


Easily deal with dust and hair in sofa carpets and floor gaps


6 Cell Li-ion 2000mAh
Detachable battery

5-stage Filtration

Cyclone System+Metal filter+ Cartridge filter + Sponge filter + Fluff filter

The High-efficient filtration system isolates and captures different size

particles of dust and debris in each stage, improving the filtration

efficiency and expelling fresh air.

Swivel Motorized Floor Head 
with LED light on the brush

The floor head is flexible to smoothly clean around corners and reach under furniture.
The built-in LED lights ensure even dark areas get a thorough cleaning.

Product Accessories

Product Specifications

Model No.: JS-AV01
Capacity: 0.5L
Voltage: 21.6V
Battery: Li-ion 2000mAh
Motor power: DC 150W
                    BLDC 250W
Run time: max 30min
Charging time: 4h


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