4-cell 2000mAh Battery

Top lithium battery pack provides a loss-free cleaning performance for up to 22 mins 

Easy to Remove Dust Cup

The dust cup is very easy to take out from the machine


Quick Emptying System


Quick emptying system allows to keep your hands away from any dust & debris


Smart Cleaning Modes

Two Suction power 
min mode,  max mode


Easy to Clean

The stick vacuum can easily clean under the table,

sofa and bed

Washable HEPA Filter

Filters can be detached for convenient clean and wash. Regular cleaning ensures a long-lasting suction without clogging

Both Carpet and Hardfloor

Motorized brush head can be used on both carpet and hardfloor


Wall-mounted Storage


Easily store the cleaner and accessories



main body is suitable for long time cleaning even if lift up, keep  your  wrist  strain  free


200ML Water Tank

Save time and effort by vacuuming and  washing your  floors  at  the same time

LED Headlights

With LED lights the cordless stick vacuum can easily to each black corner clean, allowing you to see and clean all dust   under dark corners, such  as bed or sofa


Product Accessories

Product Specifications

Model No.: JS-AV07
Capacity: 0.18L
Voltage: 14.8V
Battery: Li-ion 2000mAh
Motor power: DC 120W
                         BLDC 220W
Vacuum degree: max 13KPa
Run time: max 20mins
Charging time: 4h


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