Cordless Hand-stick high-efficient 450W BLDC motor, Digital Display Screen, Smart Floor Head with 2 Brushes for Hard Floor /Carpet


Cordless Stick—High efficient 450W BLDC motor, Digital Display Screen, Smart Floor Head with 2 Brushes for Hard Floor /Carpet

8-cell 2500mAh Battery

Top lithium battery pack provides a loss-free leaning performance for up to 60 mins 


Ultra-high performance 450W motor

Provide suction strengths much greater for a deep and thorough clean


Smart Cleaning Modes


Three Suction power - min mode, auto mode and max mode



Intelligent LED dipslay panel on top


Shows all the working conditions: Clean Hepa alert, Suction mode, Battery status


Dust sensor(optional)
Suction power auto-adjust


Detachable Battery Pack

Detachable design allows you to buy one more battery pack if needed

Pre-design HEPA

Increase the HEPA air outlet area, reduce the loss, improve the air outlet filtration grade

Easy to Clean

The stick vacuum with foldable tube connector allows you to easily clean under the table, sofa and bed.

One-click Emptying System

Quick dust release allows to keep your hands away from any dust & debris

Wall-mounted Storage


Easily store the cleaner and accessories

Three Charging Ways

Directly charge the machine, or charge on wall mount together with the extra battery pack, or separately charge the battery pack

2-in-1 Smart floor head (with 2 brush bars) for accurate hard-floor and carpet cleaning

Multi-functional use

Product Layout accessories

Product Specifications

Model No.: JS-AV03
Capacity: 0.6L
Voltage: 29.6V
Battery: Li-ion 2500mAh
Motor power: BLDC 450W
Run time: max 60min
Charging time: 3.5h


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